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Arany Sándor Students Apartment

There is a 4-storey building with four staircase blocks and 8 apartments per each staircase. The 56 square meter apartment blocks include an entrance hall with built-in wardrobes. It opens into 2 rooms, a combined kitchen-dining room with a pantry, and a bathroom furnished with private boiler and a toilet that has a separate entrance.

In the apartments two students share a room. In the parquet covered rooms there is a sofa, a wardrobe with hangers and shelves, a bedside table, a commode and a desk for each student. The rooms have a cable television network endpoint and Internet access facility for each student.
The kitchen's equipment includes a kitchen cabinet with a built-in sink, a dining table for four people and a refrigerator with a freezer unit. The bathroom has a shower cabin, washbasin and a boiler with heating and warm water options to suit students' individual needs.
The student apartment is situated in close proximity to the academic buildings, sporting, cultural and entertainment facilities. There is parking lot with solid pavement in front of the apartment building.

Address: 140-142, Böszörményi Road, Debrecen H-4032
Tel/Fax: +36-52-508-425

Veres Péter Student Hostel

It is a 6-storey building, with 23 rooms per storey each with a floor space of 27 square meters. There is a ramp to help people with disabilities to access the building. There is a main entrance hall leading to the bedroom and study room. The bedrooms are furnished with 4 beds, 4 wardrobes and 4 shelves on the walls. The study room contains 2 large desks and two bookshelves. Students are accommodated with refrigeration facility in the entry room.
Each residential unit provides students with access to the Internet and cable television facility.
The upper floors of the dormitory have two sanitary blocks each with 4 shower cabins and 4 toilets. A common kitchen is also available for students on each floor with an electric cooker, and sink unit.
The keys for the residential units and the rooms for shared use are both handled by the receptionist, who also deals with postal deliveries and is available 24/7.
There is a dormitory committee with an office on the ground floor. The cellar of the dormitory is home to the "Pinceklub" that host cultural and sporting events. Copying and printing service are also located on this floor in addition to a bicycle storing facility. On the other side of the basement there is a laundry room with washing and drying facilities (3 washing machines) free of use.
The dining hall is located in the dormitory building and functions independently with the capacity to serve hot meals for 300 guests. The theater room of the Centre and the I-Bolt are attached to the dormitory which is suitable to serve both recreational and educational purposes. The dormitory is situated in close proximity to the academic building and sporting (tennis courts, sporting fields, gymnasium) facility. There is also an entertainment facility (called "Kazánház") offering recreation for students. There is a solid-surface parking lot available behind the dormitory for student arrived by car.

Address: 140-142, Böszörményi Road, Debrecen, H-4032
Tel /Fax: +36-52-508-425

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